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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
112214033314819912896954122Joshua PrattBrahma Lodge2018/2019Sportscentre A3 Grade2 1Reynella
2102100858914819912964267102*Mason PittBrahma Lodge2018/2019Under 15 North Division 22 1Walkerville (2)
3904244971481991289747290Damian P CallaghanBrahma Lodge2018/2019B3 Grade1 1Woodville Rechabite
4816126221481991289695481Jarrod SalterBrahma Lodge2018/2019Sportscentre A3 Grade2 1Reynella
569769791481991289758969Lindsay BlightBrahma Lodge2018/2019C2 Grade1 1Reynella
6655883161481991289759565Thomas DurrantBrahma Lodge2018/2019C2 Grade2 1Payneham
7596126221481991289694959Jarrod SalterBrahma Lodge2018/2019Sportscentre A3 Grade1 1Goodwood
8556320321481991289759555Liam SalterBrahma Lodge2018/2019C2 Grade2 1Payneham
9507338421481991289974950William T ScaddenBrahma Lodge2018/2019LO Division 61 1Athelstone
10509725251481991289974950Daniel PapadimasBrahma Lodge2018/2019LO Division 61 1Athelstone
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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